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As an experienced I.T. service provider, we offer innovative solutions for even the most traditional markets. Technology applied to business and managed by highly specialised professionals can only lead to success.

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We guarantee absolute confidentiality of our clients' data; we collect strategic information and use it to structure projects that are perfectly suited to the company.

Full support

We support customers in all processes that involve technology, whether they are directed to the development of new software or to the choice of applications already on the market.


Knowing how to distinguish a product/service by quality makes the difference between success and failure.

Software development


Behind every winning project there is meticulous analysis; to obtain this, meetings with each and every player in the production chain are essential.


Technical skills alone are not enough – to obtain winning results you need to get involved in the project and know how to choose the most suitable technology to achieve the result.


Once the development is completed and the applications installed in the company, it becomes essential to accompany the company in the phase of migration to the new systems.

Industry 4.0

National Enterprise Plan 4.0

An unmissable opportunity for all those companies that want to seize the opportunities linked to the fourth industrial revolution.


Once machinery that complies with legal provisions has been purchased, it is mandatory to interconnect it with the factory systems (production / management). Devtek contacts all suppliers involved and takes care of the interconnection of the various components.


What is it?

The Open Platform Communications' Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is an automatic communication protocol for industrial automation, suitable for multiple platforms, open and secure and allows programmable logic controllers (PLCs), both new and previous generation, to to communicate.


In recent years, we have integrated dozens of machines using the OPCUA protocol, and established close collaborative relationships with major international manufacturers.


We also help the customer in the choice of supplier to optimise time and costs of intervention.

Systems Management


We also maintain and manage computer systems on behalf of our customers, or more generally we take care of keeping the software/hardware equipment efficient at a structural level.


We evaluate the effectiveness of the systems in use at our customers’ premises and, if necessary, accompany them in the choice of the most suitable supplier.


We constantly monitor the workloads of the infrastructure so that we can plan interventions based on the volumes generated. We are also very careful to raise awareness and structure important and often neglected activities such as system backup scheduling.

Custom Design


Each company has its own specific needs. Custom software allows all the limitations imposed by commercial products to be overcome.


Thanks to a network of partners built over the years, we develop hardware solutions for all kinds of needs.

Patents and certifications

We accompany the customer during the phase of certification via the competent bodies and if necessary, also during the technical stages of obtaining patents.