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Over the years we have developed some products for package sales, these applications can be activated and used in a very short time and can be easily customised if necessary.

  • EVO4 Suite

    A suite of interconnected software applications that - through the use of mobile, all-in-one and desktop devices, in addition to the interaction with Industry 4.0-compliant machines - make production environment consultation, management and control tools available to all parties involved in the production cycle (production planning manager, factory operators, quality control managers, etc.).

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  • Manny

    A web-based app to plan and manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in company environments.

    The main purpose of the app is the fast and accurate management of machinery/equipment maintenance request flows. Through a specific ticket flow, it allows the generation and management of maintenance requests from individual departments which are forwarded to specific groups of maintenance operators.

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  • SmartINFO

    This technology makes it possible to directly and efficiently manage the relationship with customers, technicians and retailers. The QR Code applied to the machinery accurately identifies the equipment and guarantees important advantages in the management of the entire supply chain, both in commercial terms and in terms of support to the end user.

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  • Kiotek

    Software or Software / Hardware solution for the use in Totem self service stations inside public or private spaces. The application manages the most varied types of peripheral devices making it flexible and suitable for all markets of the resale of services even in unmanned places. (Automatic cash dispensers, Resale of telephone top-ups, Other... )'

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  • Ticketing

    Ticketing service created specifically to make problem reporting and problem solving easier and more flexible. Installed in the company and integrated with internal systems, it allows a punctual management of the assistance process, reducing intervention times to a minimum and at the same time increasing the quality of the service offered.

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