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It manages and monitors productivity in the company

Dedicated suite of applications for the world of production, collects, centralizes, and manages all related information

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What are QR codes

QR codes, with their versatility and power, are extremely effective communication tools in the digital age. These two-dimensional barcodes can convey a wide range of information in a compact and accessible format


In terms of technological implementation, QR codes, thanks to their unique identifier, easily integrate with various business systems such as CRM, ERP, and customer support platforms, creating an interconnected data ecosystem that enhances productivity and operational efficiency

Simple and fast

With SMART INFO, Dealers, Technicians, and Customers become protagonists of an ever-evolving virtuous circle, supported by the commitment to offer products on the market capable of providing an increasingly interactive and engaging experience


The QR-Code is printed

Smart Info can be integrated with the company management system; it will be sufficient to enter the order in the management system and print the generated QR code

It is applied to the product

The QR code can be directly applied to the product (adhesive label) or printed on the documentation attached to the product

The user registers the product

Simply framing the QR code with the camera of your smartphone or tablet will direct you to the registration form.


By scanning the QR code, detailed product information is received on one's device without the possibility of error.

Real time informations

With Smart Info, the manufacturing company establishes a direct relationship with the end user and can choose whether and how to involve Dealers and Technicians.

Sell with one click

The E-commerce platform manages the entire supply chain, including purchasing procedures.


It manages all testing activities during production, installation, and after-sales. From the back office, test cards are created for each product code.

Using mobile devices such as smartphones and/or tablets, technicians perform testing operations, recording and archiving the results


During production, internal test cards and those for external technicians and maintainers are generated.


During installation, operational/functional testing procedures are performed, and the outcome is archived.

Periodic inspections

Specific periodic test sheets generated by the manufacturer accompany technicians in performing the necessary checks throughout the product's lifecycle


It facilitates the operations of users and technicians with centralized and constantly updated information. The adoption of QR Code technology also represents a significant evolution from the assistance perspective. A valuable resource that optimizes the service offered by the manufacturing company

  • Speed ​​in retrieving any document
  • Up-to-date technical documentation
  • FAQs available at all times
  • Tutorials for troubleshooting
  • Detailed report of technical interventions
  • History of technical interventions
  • Comprehensive management of the entire network
  • Integrated ticketing system


Profile your customers and understand what they do and how they interact. Through a simple and fast product registration, a chain of contacts is created: User > Dealer > Technician/Installer > Manufacturer aimed at improving relationships and satisfaction for all parties involved.

End users

By registering the product, the customer gains access to a series of personalized technical-commercial information.


An always updated archive of your clients categorized by the type of purchased product.

Technicians / Installers

It launches a series of schedules (set by the manufacturer) that, as a deadline approaches, alerts the end customer, dealer, and installer of the need to schedule a technical intervention.


Possibility of online sales effortlessly and involving the entire distribution chain. The powerful integrated E-commerce platform allows for the purchase of Spare Parts and/or Accessories without the possibility of error. A simple, modern, and fast procedure, optimized for PC, Tablet, and Smartphone. All components.

End users

Once the product is registered, the user has the opportunity to make purchases independently, paying directly with a credit card."


La piattaforma E-commerce gestisce tutta la filiera anche nelle procedure d’acquisto.

Technicians / Installers

We support companies in the digitalization process through system integration.

Manufacturing company

Through E-commerce, there is total control over the entire flow of Accessories/Parts sales.


Machines production

Applied to any type of machinery, it improves control, simplifies and speeds up technical interventions, facilitates the sale of accessories/spare parts, and opens a direct channel from Manufacturer to end User

Chemical sector

Given the specificity of the sector, including from a health/environmental perspective, when applied to the product, it allows quick access to product data sheets and/or safety sheets managed online and constantly updated.

Retailers / Service Centers

Specific periodic test sheets generated by the manufacturer accompany technicians in performing the necessary checks throughout the product's lifecycle

Rental Services

It allows for a thorough control of one's network and opens a direct communication channel with one's customers

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