Software Development

Technical skills alone are not enough – to obtain winning results you need to get involved in the project and know how to choose the most suitable technology to achieve the result.

Welcome to Industry 4.0

The National Enterprise Plan 4.0 is an opportunity for all companies that want to seize the opportunities related to the fourth industrial revolution.

Consultation, Management and Control

Suite of interconnected software applications which through the use of mobile, all-in-one, desktop devices and interaction with production, management and ERP machines allows you to manage the entire production cycle simply and quickly

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By subscribing to the annual fee, you are entitled to:
1) First-level assistance, rapid support in resolving any usage problems
2) You can request the Update of EVO 4.0 to the latest version available

System Integrators

In recent years we have integrated dozens of machines using the OPC UA protocol, and established close working relationships with major international manufacturers.

Custom Design

Each company has its own specific needs. Custom software allows all the limitations imposed by commercial products to be overcome


We assist companies in understanding obstacles and planning solutions.

Software development

Tailor-made, effective, fast, easy-to-use and above all business-friendly solutions.

Industry 4.0

We accompany companies in the digitisation process through system integration.


Many years of experience in the standard that guarantees structured, efficient and secure communications.

Systems Management

We analyse and plan integrated systems for the circulation of information within the company.

Custom Design

We provide custom solutions, based on specific needs, taking care of all phases of the project.

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Documents processed
KITs produced
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Our applications

Web-based software for data management in production. It allows you to comply with Industry 4.0 directives.

A web-based app to plan and manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in company environments.

Suite di applicativi dedicata al mondo della produzione. Raccoglie, centralizza e gestisce le informazioni.

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Marco Rampon


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