A web-based app to plan and manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in company environments.

The main purpose of the app is the fast and accurate management of machinery/equipment maintenance request flows. Through a specific ticket flow, it allows the generation and management of maintenance requests from individual departments which are forwarded to specific groups of maintenance operators.

The operational part of the app can be used from a Smartphone and/or Tablet, allowing it to be used in any type of production environment.

How does it work?

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to send and resolve maintenance requests forwarded by various production departments from a Smartphone and Tablet.

Based on the issue for opening a ticket, requests are automatically channelled to specific groups of maintenance operators highlighting their resolution priority.

The maintenance manager assigns and monitors the activities of the various groups of maintenance operators assessing their time frames as well as the quality of the resolution.

The proprietary ticketing system traces all the operations from the time they are opened up to their resolution.

The suite includes a back office element to configure and check the history of the maintenance operations and a front-end for operational management.


It is mainly operated from the FRONT-END where the user can create maintenance requests sent to the maintenance operators’ front-end where they handle them.

What it does

  • Management of user details
  • Subdivision of the maintenance operators into configurable groups
    (e.g. electricians, mechanics, supervisors, other...Balers, CNC, extinguishers)
  • Equipment Configuration (items to be maintained)
  • Configuration of Issues for Opening and Closing maintenance operations
  • Configuration of notifications: push, mail, other
  • Automatic forwarding to a specific group of maintenance operators
  • Traceability and categorisation of individual activities
  • Creation and allocation of resolution activities
  • Customisation (measured) according to the needs of the individual customer

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